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Mr & Mrs Smith – Kitchen Install

Mr & Mrs Smith

1394554364-88911400 Client Brief: Our client wanted a functional and practical Kitchen, where the family can not only eat together, but also cook together, as one, sharing the entire culinary experience.

Finishing Result: With the central Hob console within the island, the “heartbeat” of the Kitchen is available to all to enjoy. The wooden corner built onto the work surface brings a sense of warmth and depth to the area.

As always , we make good use of the substantial natural light, which projects across the appliances, giving the entire Kitchen a modern, fresh and zestful feel.


1394554357-38218900 Thanks to the imagination of our Clients, our Designers passion for design , and our Trades men`s attention to detail, H&Hhomemakers are proud to display some of our recent completed Kitchens.


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